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A revolutionary platform along with a unique set of knowledge will make you an indispensable part of any company, large or small. Thanks to our existing partners, our network has without exaggeration a significant impact on the global supply chain.

The Logio Partner Program offers superior benefits, professional background and trained staff that is available to you at any time.
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Win-Win-Win Partnership

What will make our joint solution unique? Logio offers revolutionary software that, together with the partner's perfect knowledge of the market and high expertise, brings maximum value to the client. Everyone involved is satisfied. With this "win-win-win" philosophy, all parties contribute to the ultimate goal of automated and efficient supply chain management without unnecessary waste.

Best in Class Solution

Logio Software, which is part of the Gartner Market Guide, provides a competitive advantage by enabling the partner to offer the client integrated solutions for Pricing and Promotions Management, Sales Forecasting and Demand Planning, Inventory Management and Replenishment, Sales and Operations Planning, as well as Distribution Strategy Planning. All from one place.





Business Focus 

Logio actively supports the partner’s overall business planning and individual sales activities. The partner can use a wide range of existing sales and marketing materials and work with Logio on tailored marketing campaigns. Long-term development and profitability are the main business drivers of our joint efforts.

Onboarding, Documentation and Technical Support 

We always offer our clients the highest quality; our partners are fully and actively supported by Logio during the onboarding process and client implementation. Logio’s experts guide the partner through the entire process to become fully independent. Comprehensive, detailed documentation and full service are available at all times. This is not a one-off affair, but an ongoing, systematic relationship.

The partner implements and services our solutions for the client, with full support from Logio. The client and partner maximize the business benefits of the solution.

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