VERITICO AI Provides Retail Transparency

VERITICO AI combines all pieces of our platform like a jigsaw puzzle. Thanks to its data sourcing and forecasting capabilities, it gives retail operators a complete picture of everyday inventory flow, sales dynamics, and customer behavior throughout the whole Supply Chain.
You can choose the size of your solution according to your needs.

Each part of the VERITICO platform functions independently, but once all the parts come together, the synergy is exceptional. This gives a whole new meaning to the increasingly popular term “artificial intelligence”. The Supply Chain’s neural network will function at its best and full potential when all parts of our solution are interconnected.


Smart solutions allow machines to mimic human skills, whether it’s thinking, learning, planning, or even being creative. It’s not just about getting close to humans, but also doing activities better than humans.

That’s exactly what VERITICO AI does. It connects technology with humanity, along with experience and lessons learned – qualities that were once only inherent in humans.

There is no miracle cure that would eliminate all the fundamental Supply Chain flaws and risks, at least not for now.

Any AI system is only as good as the data it receives. The Supply Chain is data-rich, making it an ideal candidate for AI optimization, and that’s exactly how we use this – to make better assessments of big data. We use the technology carefully, respectfully and only where it delivers better results.

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