Supply Chain Transparency Is the Number One Ingredient
to Large-Scale Retail Operations

Our mission and the core of our research and development is providing our customers with the principle of one truth. Making the Supply Chain transparent leads to less waste and better decision-making, which directly impacts global pollution and raw material shortages.

Dear World,

Globalization and a global one-market mentality are good things. But every good idea can be haunted by negative side effects. Globalization’s negative effects include global warming, material shortages, overproduction, and supply and logistics madness.

We see inventories around the world piling up with deadstock, doomed to be burned or thrown away. We see millions of meaningless truck routes, empty ships, and energy-intense overproduction – all attributable to a lack of data transparency.

As production suppliers and retail organizations continue to operate secretively, the whole system creates massive waste. 

At VERITICO, we believe a data-driven, interconnected Supply Chain is the biggest opportunity to reduce global waste production and increase sustainability. The principle of one truth must be applied, where data is exchanged among partners in real-time, unbiased and ego-free.

In retail, the negative effects of data secrecy can be measured and traced even within one organization. As retail organizations grow, inter-company departments become kingdoms of their own, searching for biased, ego-centred solutions without the perspective of the whole organization.

Even the tiniest errors on one side of the Supply Chain can grow into massive waste on the other side. Small spikes and irregularities tend to multiply as they travel throughout the chain, leaving loss, chaos and waste in the wake.

We continue to improve our product and offer proven technologies to reduce Supply Chain waste. We create systems with the one-truth principle as the backbone of all coding, thus making a transition to VERITICO smooth for any organization.

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