Quant Retail

Product headline:

Quant offers a wide range of solutions for retail. Within one integrated software system, it allows you to efficiently combine macro space planning with category management and planograms. In addition modules for task management, store checks, shelf label management and reporting are available.


Planograms are a proven tool for preparing and implementing a good retail plan and Quant software offers the creation of planograms based on sales and space data.

Quant works very well with automated ordering systems like VERITICO as detailed product placement data are available through the Quant API to refine orders and forecasts.

Measuring and analyzing the results of decisions, sales and marketing activities is essential for successful category management. Quant allows you to combine raw data such as daily sales statistics at individual stores and current stock levels with detailed planogram data.

Quant also offers sophisticated Retail Task Management and also solution for store checks, surveys and communication between stores and HQ.

Quant Shelf label management solves the challenge of updating printed labels in stores.

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