Increase in Promotion Forecast Accuracy

Mondelez International has been one of the world’s major producers of confectionery and baked goods for almost a hundred years. Currently, it sells its products in over 160 countries all over the world. On Czech and Slovakian market, its key brands are Milka, Figaro, Opavia cookies, BeBe Dobré ráno, Kolonáda and Halls drops. Mondelez and Logio started cooperating in 2011 in order to improve the efficiency of promotion planning. The cooperation lasts until today, to the satisfaction of both parties.

Mondelez introduced 3 big challenges at the beginning of the cooperation with Logio; unify various forms of planning, optimize the promotion approval process and increase the accuracy of sales planning. We managed to unite both promotional and non-promotional forecasts into a single system, which makes the communication easier at all the departments in the company, from production to financial department. We set up new approval processes in promotion planning and we increased promotion profitability.

Before our cooperation, the accuracy of sales planning was 50%. Thanks to the application of our intelligent systems, we managed to increase this percentage to 70%. The cherry on top is that all the information is available anytime on a tablet, so the controlling can be done immediately from anywhere.

“Logio brought a system into the planning and forecasting in our company. VERITICO PRICE contains detailed information about all the planned promotions, which also helps us when preparing company plans.”
Jan Stránský
Sales Operations Manager at Mondelēz
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