Reduction of the Number of Pages in the Leaflet
Increase in Promotional Margin
Increase in Profit From Promoted Items

Metro SK, both retailer and wholesaler, a member of the Metro AG group can be found in almost 35 countries. Their portfolio consists of more than 40,000 items. They asked Logio to help them with getting the promotions under control.

An optimally designed and balanced handout is the alpha and omega of an effective promotion. Our VERITICO PRICE software picks just the goods that are sensible and profitable to promote. A promotional handout is then designed out of these items for each period.

The result? A thinner handout by a whole quarter. Not only is it economical, but also ecological. The exact same sales resulted in increasing the promotional margin by 1% and the overall profit coming from the promoted items was increased by 3%. On top of that, we recorded an acceptance of automatic suggestions up to 80%.

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