Season Management

Online shopping; the main season usually lasts only a couple of weeks, so the right planning is one of the key prerequisites of prosperity and sustainability of the business. You have to be ready to offer the right amounts of right goods at the right time; that starts with a perfect plan of the season and ends with a flawless realization of these plans.

It is the well designed and implemented S&OP process that enables you to get through the Christmas season without stress and with making a bigger profit., one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the Czech Republic manages just that with the help of VERITICO PLAN, a software implemented by Logio.

Thanks to the S&OP implementation, the ideal timing and stocking of the right goods for the Christmas season was managed successfully. That led not only to an enhanced performance of the warehouses, but also a quick delivery of the goods to the customers.

“Thanks to the implementation of S&OP and by working with Logio and their tool, we managed ideally to time and manage the storage of the right goods for the festive season. This led to an increase in warehouse performance as well as providing the fastest possible delivery of goods to our customers.”
Jitka Dvořáková
General Manager at & Regional Director Mall Group
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