Decrease in Expired Goods Write-Offs
Goods Availability

Košík.cz is one of the biggest on-line FMCG Czech market players. Košík.cz was however struggling to set and maintain an optimal inventory management strategy, which led to an inefficient usage of warehouses and a big amount of expired goods ending up as waste every single day.

At Košík.cz, Logio implemented the VERITICO STOCK software which has the ability to accurately and efficiently forecast demand. Logio also designed and implemented a number of changes focusing on a more efficient usage of warehouses. Last but not least, Logio managed to set up a system of order automation.

The availability of goods increased to 97%; at the same time, the waste reduction went up by 75 %. Customers get fresher, better goods; employees at Košík.cz don´t have to spend as much time on order processing and they get to focus on improving customer satisfaction.

“After a few weeks of using the Supply Chain Management SW by Logio, our average depreciation value decreased to a quarter. We also increased product availability for our customers.”
Tomáš Jeřábek
CEO at Košík.cz
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