AG Foods

AG Foods

Transparent communication and planning process

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In Communication and Planning Process

AG FOODS Group a.s., specializing in beverage mix production and selling, has operated on the market since 1990. We were asked to help the company improve their stock management and implement the S&OP process.

We implemented the VERITICO PLAN software at AG Foods, which allows you to optimally manage capacities and production planning in a way that doesn’t cause frequent changes that would generate more costs. The basic principle is a transparent communication and planning process, leaning on a single stable and realizable plan based on real data.

“Thanks to Logio, everybody on the team knows what role is theirs, hence what tasks they should do and why they should do it. That immensely helped the company; we can now focus on other activities and the functioning of the company as a whole.”
AG Foods
Milan Pech
AG Foods Group CEO
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